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EMM has access to quality profiled movie interested data in the United Kingdom, United States of America, France, South Africa, Australia, Spain, Italy, Brazil, Germany,  Argentina, Russia and India. Our data is profiled into age, gender and location, movie preferences can be broken down into genre such as comedy, thrillers, horror, sports, action, mystery, and romance. We can also source and verify e-mail data in any country requested by our clients and ensure it meets best practice marketing standards.

EMM has relationships with publishers and data owners on a global scale.

Our buying power and market knowledge allows us to get quality data at reasonable rates. We make it our business to be up to date on all the latest e-mail trends, market players, legislation and laws, ensuring our clients get the best marketing exposure and results possible in whatever market they chose.

EMM can source movie target audience E-mail data in any country on the globe.

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