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E-Mail Movie Marketing is an internet marketing business with a global reach providing solutions for the successful marketing of films and DVD’s to permission given, profiled, target audience data in local and international markets, via opt in Promo e-mail.

Opt in e-mail marketing is the most successful form of entertainment marketing, far outperforming traditional media of TV, radio and print in terms of accountable response and return on investment for the advertiser.

EMM has carefully managed up to date global data bases, of profiled e-mail data: age, gender, location, interest preferences etc , allowing our clients’ films and DVD’s to be marketed to their exact target audience, in any country on the globe, with clear accountable results.


EMM is a division of Digital Fire which is a Cape Town based e-mail marketing specialist and is owned by Spencer Boyd New Media Group London.

Digital Fire offers full service local and global e-mail marketing solutions - campaign creation, data sourcing, broadcasting, tracking and reporting on our high response Promo e-mail campaigns targeted at opt in e-mail demographics desired by advertisers.

EMM offers the same functionality and capability but is targeted specifically at the marketing of Movies and DVD’s to audience specific data.

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